Wednesday, August 22, 2007

dairyDog knows

To let WillyG have his space.
The old dame is wise and sage.

Anyone else remember Willy Geoghegan?
Anybody else have major trouble spelling his name?
Well WillyG is named for him. Definitely a lost child.

He made national news this summer-
Google search for "Willy Geoghegan floyd landis"

I told old friend of his Robbie A., and his reply was-
"Always wondered what happened to him. Surprsing, no. Sad, yes."

Pretty entertaining to say the least.

More welcomes for WillyG

WillyG the wombat certainly has gotten his fair share of socializing.

Here he is with Chirpy, Bambi, and ahh, I forget the other's name. Sorry.

And though the wombat can be friendly, they can also be rather anti-social, turning their noses and showing you their behinds on a whim.

Here's WillyG trying to get away admidst a load of new Cannondale clothing we got from our Cycling Santa.

Such is life w/ a wombat.

Nice weather, good times

Abe, Cheeto, and WillyG enjoying the lack of rain.

Hanging out w/ the trusty Fort Single Speed, keeping the cats away from the Basil.
And out of reach of dairyDog.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Honey Bun Cake

Cheet-O, being a bear, understandably loves honey buns.
You can imagine his immense delight when PPC, being the wonderful mammy that she is, offered to make him a honey bun cake!!!

Here he is studying the recipe:

He was so very helpful!

Abe and Cheet-O waiting for it to cool:

Now that is one happy bear: