Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Second Vist, and Third and ...

Well I had some pics of dD at the hospital in the evening but somehow my camera ate them.

She was doing much better than in the morning, as nearly everyone said "she looks great now!" which also meant that she must have looked truly terrible that morning.
Our friend Nancy Casdorph (of Casdorph fame and name) said that she was with dD for about an hour that morning, she wouldn't eat, wasn't moving much at all, and was quite listless. Then she went home and cried. :(

When we arrived that evening during visiting hours Nancy was there again and everyone was looking much better! Nancy seemed more relieved than we since she had seen dD at her low moment.
We were able to take her for a walk outside w/ me holding the IV bag and all that, just like at the people hospital, though there was an absence of the smoking area...
I *had* pics of this, but they are gone.
Her breathing was still on the panty side of things, but she wasn't drolling and it wasn't like she was breathing w/ her whole body as she had been.
But dD was still not eating much and even the nice Pop Tart that Nancy brought was hardly touched.
Drinking fine, eating not so fine.

For Sunday's visit she was looking alright, no new news, all the test were coming back fine, she was drinking, breathing was pretty decent, yada yada yada. She was still not eating.

Here's another picture of dD's stable mate Elvis. Elvis is still there.
He had swallowed a gum band, had surgery, they (another clinc) didn't put the lamp shade on his head, he ate through some sutures AND put a big whole in his belly. We hope Elvis gets better-

Monday morning I went in before work and got to talk with Dr. Thomas some.
Things hadn't really changed, they had taken another round of x-rays and nothing looked that much different.
The good Dr. was trying all the angles, worms, heartworms, other maladies, etc.
She called it the "shotgun" approach.
Nothing bad was coming back positive, but nothing was being held accountable for dairy's ills either.
Sunday evening she had also started dD on steroids to fight off another type of pulminary illness, PIE, I think she called it, and she figured that with that injection she would be ready to probably go home that evening.
If nothing else she wouldn't be depressed from being couped up in a cage and hanging out with a lot of other nice but noisy animals.

Here's a pic of Chuckie with his newly found hoodie, Chirpy all dirty still from the 6 Hour race at Big Bear last w/e and WillyG, all waiting for dD to come home-

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