Wednesday, September 26, 2007

dairyDog Come Home!

Yes it's true.

And heck, I'm gonna put this photo here cause it's so happy and all, even if it's down below too. Why not?

Monday evening we went to Paw Prints and were able to snatch up dD and bring her home!

Dr. Thomas went over pretty much the things she had told me that morning, Betsy had a lot of good questions and concerns, and we were given a list of things to try, things to watch out for, and told just keep an eye on her.

We hadn't seen her yet, and of course in telling our tale of woe to others in the waiting room, we had painted a rather dim picture of an old and faithful companion.
But when she came out she was all skittering across the floor looking more alive then she had for quite a while!
I think she knew she was getting out at last (probably them taking the IV out did a lot to convince her of that).

So we paid for her stay $$$ and loaded everyone into the Jeep.
The good folks had given us some various foods to try and so we open the bag of Low Residue Dry Food and dD stuck her little head right in there and started eating!
And as fate would have it, the camera ate that shot too.
But I do have one of a very happy and relieved Betsy and a pretty bright eyed (cataracts) and bushy eared dD-

Yay she's home!
No, she didn't eat any more of that dry food. Still hasn't.
But we don't care, as I told Mike Y. I'll feed her bubble gum if that's what she'll eat and wants, it just don't matter much now.

But we do have a little box of meds to give her-

So she's doing pretty well.
Breathing is definitely better and more relaxed.
She's drinking and peeing nicely and often.
She gets around pretty well, pokes around the place, sniffs and lays down a fair bit.
Pretty much the only thing she'll eat regularly are fig bars. Hey they're pretty healthy, got fiber, got energy, used to have that guy dressed up as a Fig Newton, and they're available about anywhere. If that's what she wants, so be it.

We're pretty happy and thankful that she's home.

The neighborhood cats are pretty happy too, I have a pic of them around dD's house, but that will have to wait until tomorrow.

Thanks for your kind thoughts and good hopes.

The Shogren's and kids.


Fred the Wonderdog said...

Get well dD!

Fred the Wonderdog

gwadzilla said...


looks like you are on the mountain bike trail to recovery!

great seeing you out supporting your owners