Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Progress Report

Well, Dairy's been home a week now, and while she is much improved, she is still not eating a whole lot. She is oh-so-picky and finicky.
However, we took her to the race on Sunday, and I think the fresh air stimulated her appetite a bit. She ate a little container of chicken and rice soup (specially prepared by Grandma Shogren just for dD), and a bunch of dog cookies from Uncle Chris. She had to fight the boys for the cookies, though, as hungry bike racers will eat about anything. She even stuck her nose in the trash bag to dig out a cupcake wrapper. Unfortunately, I think we fed her one too many cookies, b/c shortly thereafter, she barfed everything up. I will spare you the photo, but rest assured, we have one. I was just thankful she barfed before we hit the road.
So now that we are back home, she shows signs of being hungry. Here's a nice picture of her begging for a pizza crust. I certainly shared my pizza with her, but not before stuffing it with her 6 different pills! Please note, in this photo she may look like we never feed her, but right next to her she had three different types of dog food, scrambed eggs, and a burrito that she refused to eat.

In any case, we're just happy she's home, breathing well, and showing sparks of her old food-obsessed self. Hopefully the next post will bring more good news!

* addendum by gunnar.
Here's the pills she takes twice a day!
Hangin' out on the counter are Mr. Prickles, the stolen one-eyed Hedgehog from Laurel Legal Service, Piggy, and a pretty cool pen-

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