Saturday, October 13, 2007

dairyDog, 1994?-2007

dairyDog passed away 7:45am, at home, out front in the lawn, on the grass, beneath a blanket and under a beautiful new-day blue sky, with both Betsy and I by her side.
It had been a very long night for us all.

We're going to head up my folks house in Oakland, MD to bury her after we gather ourselves and such.

Rest In Peace dear friend.
Run Free Forever.


Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about Dairy.


bethbikes said...

Very sad. I know you both must be grieving terribly. It is so hard to lose a pet, especially when they have been such a huge part of your life as DD has been with you too. It is good you got those last few weeks to say goodbye to her.
The Midatlantic has lost one of their biggest cyclocross fans, and we will miss her.

Chris said...

I'm really sad to hear about your loss.

dD will live on in the hearts of a lot of people. She was a good dog and knew how to live life.


denS said...

Good Night dD. I enjoyed watching you chase Gunner around the course. Wish I had gotten a good picture of that.

gwadzilla said...

hey guys...

I feel your pain
although I did not know the Dairy Dog well... I am certain that the Dairy Dog was the best of dogs

sorry about her passing

there will be other dogs
but there will never be another Dairy Dog


signed a person that loves kids more than adults
and likes more dogs that he meets than the people he meets
take care

fatmarc said...

you are all in our thoughts.

fm and monkey

JR Petsko said...

I will always remeber coming over to visit with Anni and Dairy pretty much looking at me and saying why did you bring this "Thing" here! As Anni would never leave DD alone for the first 15 minutes but after that the waters claimed and they may have even like each others visit after that.
DD little sister "Anni" would be upset if she only knew..

Tomi said...

Shogren clan, deepest sympathy, brings tears, dD was a lucky pup.