Thursday, October 04, 2007

Please send us your leftovers

Guess what I just did. I stewed me up a big old pot of chicken and rice. Yes, sirree. That would be the first time since this house has come under Shogren ownership (10 years) that meat has been cooked under this roof. I just hope this concoction is as tasty as Grandma Shogren's was. I think that is the first time I have ever cooked chicken. Grandma Shogren is out of town for two weeks, so she can't be cooking up some viddles for the pooch. Fortunately, we will see Grandma Schauer next weekend and she has already promised to boil up a chicken for her granddog.
Please note: we did stew her up a big old pot of tofu and rice last night, but that dog is not stupid and was not fooled.
I am reminded of my vegetarian friend from grad school whose dog had allergies, and she would roast a whole turkey plus all the trimmings every Sunday for her dog. I used to snicker at that girl ("vegetarian, hah!"), but I guess I shouldn't have laughed until I walked a mile in her shoes...

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